Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ale to the chief?

It's primary day here in Alabama. That means I voted this morning. It also means I won't be having a beer tonight, since I'll be here at the paper working. So, here's your politically themed post for the day.

It was said a lot about George W. Bush when he was first seeking the White House back in 2000: He was the candidate voters would most like to have a beer with. (Never mind that he says he gave up alcohol in 1986.)

But anyway, that phrase got into voters' heads and stuck. Apparently, the folks at the National Beer Wholesalers Association are fine with that. So fine, in fact, that they'd like to know who among the current crop of candidates you'd prefer to down a pint with.

NWBA is hosting a Web site that lets visitors record their choice for imbiber-in-chief. Currently leading the poll: Democrat Barack Obama, with 37 percent of votes cast.

Who would you prefer to have one with? Why? Is that any different than your choice for president? Click below to comment.